August 21st, 2014: New book of absurd yet logical invention drawings published

Today saw the publication of ‘Variations on Normal’ in hardback by publisher Square Peg. 128 pages of odd, thought provoking and witty ideas collected from the sketchbooks of Dominic Wilcox. Buy a signed book at Dominic’s webshop here.

‘I love this book. Laugh-out-loud funny. I want a salty thumb lolly now!’ Harry Hill

“As we go about our day-to-day business, we see the same stuff every day. The bath, the fridge, the lamp post, the bicycle, the tree. so far, so humdrum.

But not if you are Dominic Wilcox. Dominic sees things a little differently. For him, inside each of these everyday things are hundreds of surprising ideas waiting to be discovered.

The Portable Bottom Seat, the Sick Bag Beard, Wrist Nets for the Butterfingered – Dominic’s unexpected inventions, conflations and modifications promise to make your life that little bit easier, or at least more amusing.

Normal will never seem quite so normal again.”

Wilcox questions the world around us and responds to it in witty, thoughtful and always inventive ways” (Angus Montgomery Design Week)

What is clear about this man is the ingenuity of his work. There is a brilliant logic and intelligence to what he does” (Yorkshire Times)

Really bad jokes… I love them! Really great illustrations… I love them!” (Paul Smith)

Dominic Wilcox’s drawings aren’t just witty and beautifully drawn, they are serious challenges to the real world to keep looking at itself with innocent eyes, wondering what else is possible.” (Thomas Heatherwick)

A delightful book of invention drawings from the unique world of Dominic’s imagination” (Ron Arad)


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