Robot spoon testing

The "Get Enough" Robot Spoon. A row of LED's light up with each tip of the spoon as the user eats. The eyes gradually open up as the cereal is eaten.

Video describing the "Get Enough" robot spoon by Dominic Wilcox.

With every spoonful the LED bar grows and the eyes open. Blinking and looking around at the same time.


After the spoon has all it's energy you can carry it around during your day. Over 4 hours it gradually goes back to sleep and so reminds you to eat again.

The spoon can be carried around during the day until it gets tired and it's eyes start to close.

The "Get Enough" Robot Spoon awaits the days adventures.

The Robot Spoon in the kitchen ponders.

The "Get Enough" Robot Spoon by Dominic Wilcox, looks around.

USB charging the spoon


The spoon switched off.


Early prototype testing LED's


Robot spoon sketch