A border terrier, German Shepherd Rottweiler and English Pointer look at paintings in the exhibition. Photo: Mikael Buck / MORE THAN

The official More Than video introduction of the exhibition


A dog peruses Joanne Hummel-Newell's collage of letters coming through a letter box that her dog always gets excited about.


A Border Terrier and English Pointer admire ‘Drumstick Park’ by Robert Nicol, a park scene that envisages chicken drumstick trees being as a dog’s point of reference. Photo: Mikael Buck / MORE THAN


George the Daschund and Trebor the labrador enjoy ‘Dinnertime Dreams’ - an oversized 12ft dog bowl filled to the brim with over 2,000 play balls made to look like dog food. Photo: Mikael Buck / MORE THAN


Border Terrier Bobbie jumps into ‘Dinnertime Dreams’. Photo: Mikael Buck / MORE THAN


A Springer Spaniel with ‘Catch - A multimedia installation by Nick White that simulates a frisbee bouncing around a screen designed to captivate dogs. Photo: Mikael Buck / MORE THAN

Dominic Wilcox filmed the exhibition in progress


A dog visitor looks over Clare Mallison's Scent Satisfaction drawing with a scene of smelly items. Photo:Dominic Wilcox


Dogs and their owners look at some of the artworks. Photo:Mikael Buck / MORE THAN


The open car window simulator in full. A mechanical moving landscape.A scent blowing fan with meats, fish and an old shoe. A car cut-out with three raised dog baskets behind each window. Photo:Dominic Wilcox


Dogs in the open car window simulator. Photo: Dominic Wilcox


‘Cruising Canines’ being enjoyed by a springer spaniel –in the open car window simulator.


A dog sniffs the breeze.


Inside the scent fan of the open window simulator. Photo:Dominic Wilcox


The mechanism to rotate the landscape. Photo:Dominic Wilcox


Dogs roaming the gallery. Photo: Dominic Wilcox


The Watery Wonder by Dominic Wilcox, water leaps between drinking bowls.

waterdog.jpg blow_DOGsmall.jpg

Paul Blow: Lamp Posts - "This work is inspired by the old joke: 'What’s the definition of confusing? A dog in a lamp post factory.’ The piece uses digital and mixed media to bring it to life"


Michelle Thompson: Field - "My piece is inspired by the landscape around Essex. Every day my dog and I go either across the fields or around Audley End Park, Saffron Walden. The black paint marks represent Rozsa’s movements once she picks up a scent." (With Ivor the dog.) Photo: Dominic Wilcox


A dog sits in front of Joanne Hummel-Newell's collage of letters coming through a letter box that her dog always gets excited about.